Reach a new level of efficiency with transparency and trust

In today’s fast-changing business landscape, the need to collaborate outside of your organization is more important than ever.  We know that change and trusting new partners can be challenging for companies like yours. Let COZ be your trusted and experienced partner to free you up to drive operational agility and unlock new revenue streams with the transparency and safety that only blockchain technology can offer.

Consulting & scoping
Complete assessment of potential applications and business impact of blockchain technology. Ideal for companies that seek to identify  the best way to get the most out of Web3 solutions.
Core Web3 development
Our team has delivered products across all verticals within the Web3 space. From protocol and cryptographic primative design to retail expereinces on multiple top 100 ecosystems, we provide a complete core offering in-house
Our infrastructure team hails from the cloud compute and enterprise storage space. Build with us to provide the availability and reliability that your mission critical products require.
Our SDKs, compilers, and package manager products have been used by thousands since their advent in 2017. We continue to push the bar on user-centric tool design.
Ecosystem building
Our team has scaled the technical and community needs for multiple layer 1 DLTs. We have run workshops, devcons, hackathons, meetups, and activations with global exposure.


New ways to experience Web3

At COZ, we create new experiences that capture people's imagination and inspire them to explore the potential of decentralized technology. Attracting talent and educating people about the power of blockchain is essential to drive innovation and make it accessible to everyone.

Conference activations
Immersive experiences that demonstrate the power of blockchain technology to enhance engagement and participation at events.
Events designed to unleash innovation and foster collaboration, creating an environment for participants to explore new ideas and develop groundbreaking solutions.
Technical workshops
Custom designed by our team of experts to bring technology professionals up-to-date on the latest tools, techniques, and trends in the rapidly evolving Web3 industry.